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Community work

Orchestra da Camera is passionate about creating  opportunities for  young music students within the community, to work with members of the orchestra, and world class musicians.

Orchestra da Camera has formed a musical partnership with Bablake School. The partnership will allow the schools musicians and young musicians from outside the school to participate in future planned events.


In 2008 the orchestra worked with the Coventry Performing Arts Service in concert to play Concerto Grosso for string orchestra by Vaughan Williams. The piece was especially written for young musicians at different stages of musical development. Students played alongside members of the orchestra resulting in a fine concert, and a memorable experience was had by all.

In 2011 international guitarist Craig Ogden joined the orchestra in a performance of Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez. The previous day, Craig worked with aspiring students of the guitar in a workshop day involving guitar ensembles and masterclasses. Craig brought an abundance of energy and a fascinating insight into the life of a world-class guitarist inspiring all who were present.


In 2012, Orchestra da Camera were joined by internationally-acclaimed violinist Tasmin Little, OBE, in a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at St Mary’s Church, Warwick. The following day Tasmin led a string workshop with sixty young musicians at Bablake school in Coventry. The workshop incorporated two string orchestras, and a masterclass session in the afternoon, followed by a concert showcasing the results of a hardworking and productive day inspired by Tasmins enthusiasm and beautiful playing.


In February, 2013, Hans Nygaard led a Cello ensemble day at Bablake school with thirty aspiring young cellists ranging in ages from 8 to 17. The day began with a cello orchestra warm up and then straight into the main piece of the day, ‘Phantom Riders’ composed by Trevor Wilson, which was commissioned especially for the event. Dynamic rhythms were heard bouncing between the five cello sections and the two solo cello lines played by Hans and Peter Wilson added the lyriscm to the wonderful energy of the cello orchestra. After the break smaller groups rehearsed playing pieces from Bach to Britney Spears. Hans Nygaard gave a masterclass session to four advanced students in the afternoon and the day finished with a performance to all parents showcasing the days achievements from everyone involved.





On the 13th October 2013, Orchestra da Camera, proudly hosted its third Workshop Day at Bablake School. This time the focus was on ‘Woodwind’ instruments and we were honoured to welcome CBSO contra-bassoonist Margaret Cookhorn.

As well as enjoying group rehearsals in preparation for an excellent afternoon concert, the twenty pupils, from across the city, who attended, were treated to a live Masterclass led by Margaret Cookhorn where two young clarinetists were given a critique on their pieces, receiving a number of excellent hints for developing their artistry.

Just after lunch, there was a fascinating presentation from Margaret Cookhorn about her musical life and the bassoon in particular. This session allowed plenty of time for a good number of questions from the enthusiastic young musicians.